Kingsbury Pillowtop


Premium All Foam Mattress

The Kingsbury Pillowtop features an all foam infrastructure. This all foam mattress provides comfort, temperature sensitivity and pressure point relief that you cannot get from a spring unit. The Kingsbury Pillowtop mattress will provide you with a comfortable sleep with reduced tossing and turning. The Kingsbury Pillowtop has the perfect amount of support for your body and spine.


-Tac & Jump Quilting

-2″ Hypersoft Foam

-2″ 5-Zoned Visco Memory Foam

-2″ Super Soft Foam

-5.5″ High Density 1.8 lb Foam

-2″ Symbol Support Foam

-Premium High Profile Foundation with waterfall upholstery


-Super Soft Foam- increases air circulation and prevents your body from becoming too hot during sleep while reducing pressure points and  targets your head and neck, shoulder, mid-leg, lower back, and torso to spread weight evenly and give you additional support head to toe at a softer comfort level.

-High Density Foam- offers the ultimate support and comfort for your body while you sleep while adding durability and resiliency to the unit as a whole.

-5-Zoned Memory Foam- allows for the body to be properly contoured which provides improved blood circulation and molds to your body to support it evenly to promote more restful sleep because of pressure relief which reduces tossing and turning. Motion transfer is reduced meaning if there is movement on one side of the bed there are no vibrations felt on the other side of the bed.

-Pillowtop- Provides extra cushion for enhanced surface comfort.


The Kingsbury Pillowtop comes with a 10 year nonprorated warranty.